Online Car Loan Calculators

Using our online car loan calculators on our website, we can calculate the monthly repayment charges for a specified term, with just a few basic details.

For the most part, there is more than one car financing option to choose from, for example, our car loan calculators give you more options to compare forint or foreign currency based and ALLASCO and ALLASCO based designs.

When can I use the car loan calculator?

car loan calculator

Before buying a new or used car, we are thinking of either a loan or a leasing arrangement, when replacing a previous bad loan, and last but not least, if you want to get cash quickly for your own car. A common feature of all the types of loans listed here is that the car itself does not need to be covered by external collateral.

For the sake of simplicity, we often use the term car loan calculator, but of course each loan type has its own unique calculator.

What to take note of when having car leasing?

What to take note of when having car leasing?

If you are using a car leasing calculator, please note that the difference between leasing and credit is that in this case the car will remain the name of the bank/leasing company until the end of the term, and you as the lessee will be the keeper.

You pay the service fees, the obligatory and the required. ALLASCO insurance, the cost of the technical examination of the vehicle. At the end of the term the ownership of the car is transferred to you.

When calculating a car loan calculator, there are several factors that affect the taking of a car loan and / or car lease, such as the individual or legal entity. In the case of a legal entity (sole proprietorship or joint venture), only the leasing arrangement can be selected.

The required leverage (which is actually the first installment) is influenced by whether the loan is forint or foreign currency. The own funds can be chosen from 20% to 40%, while the maturity can be up to 7 years for individuals and up to 8 years for legal entities.

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