Complete financial guide for students – Student loan

It can be difficult for a student to get the finances connected. Many studies are full-time studies, and it can be difficult to find time to look for a job.

Fortunately, the Student exists as a support for the students so they can get their heads around and advice on books and rent. But Student support is not always enough, so here is a financial guide to help you as a student.

Requirements to get Student Loan

Requirements to get Student Loan

There are not many requirements to obtain Student – you must be 18 years of age, you must attend an Student -friendly education and be an active student. When you receive Student you must not receive any other public benefits and there is a ceiling on how much you may earn next to your studies.

The possibility of increased Student support

If you find it very difficult to get your finances connected, in some cases it is possible to have increased Student . You can also take out an Student loan while you are in training. You choose how much you borrow and it is the best loan to take for the student, since interest rates are one of the lowest at all. The interest rate will be higher when you finish your education, so it is a good idea to pay the money back as soon as possible.

Member of the unemployment fund?

Member of the unemployment fund?

It is a great advantage to be a member of an a-box, especially because you can enroll in the program for free. An unemployment insurance fund means that you can receive unemployment benefits for up to two years if you do not find a job after you have completed your education.

There is a difference between the a-boxes. If you only sign up for daily allowance, you can choose more or less freely – also the cheapest – but focus on what benefits and opportunities you can enjoy.

You can compare a-boxes for students here – and sign up for free!

Sign up for free

It is free to enroll in an a-box when you study. Therefore, it is a good idea to do this early in the education, as there is no expense in doing so. You start paying for your membership when you finish your education. Remember to sign up before you have less than a year left of your studies.

Are you properly insured?

Are you properly insured?

Until you turn 22, you are covered by your parents’ insurance – even if you have moved away from home. When you turn 22, it is a good idea to take out your own home insurance. That way, you are in a much better situation if you need insurance money. It is also a good idea to have travel and accident insurance.

Compare the various insurance offers to find the best insurance for you and it can be a good and clear idea to take them all from the same company.

A-box and insurance are an important financial safety net that you should draw early in your adulthood. At least if you want a healthy and well functioning private economy.

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