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Tips on loans to buy a car

When deciding to change vehicles, it is very common to consider the need for a specific car loan. This loan is the help that allows us to buy the model that really interests us, without having to lower the benefits of the car to lower costs. In the motor sector it is more than usual to finance purchases , however, if you are thinking of changing your car keep reading to find out which loan is best for you Read for a critique


Car loan, the help you get to get what you want

Car loan, the help you get to get what you want

In general, it can be said that there are two types of loans that car buyers can go to in order to carry out this transaction in a comfortable and simple way:

  • Loans made by the dealer who sells the car.
  • Loans granted by a financial entity.

Whether one or the other type of financing is chosen, it must be taken into account that in both cases it is necessary to have initial savings, specifically an amount equal to 10% of the value of the vehicle to be purchased. The main characteristics of both types of loans are shown below to have all the necessary information when choosing the best way to pay for the purchase made.


Comparison of financing in a dealer or a financial

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The main characteristics of the loan granted by the dealer who sells the car are:

  • It is usually one of the incentives to buy the car, since after all the dealer is interested in selling and thus facilitates the transaction.
  • They accept the used car regardless of the brand in exchange for a discount on the price of the new car. This is a way to make a profit on the old car without having to find a buyer, a quick and easy way to get an extra contribution for the purchase.

Regarding loans granted by financial institutions, the main characteristics are:

  • Unlike dealerships, they do not require you to take out life and unemployment insurance. In other words, in the loan granted by the dealer, the total cost of the insurance that must be contracted is added to the value of the car and the interest is applied to the total.
  • Financial institutions finance vehicles below 6,000 dollars, unlike dealers. That is, if the new car has a lower value or is second-hand, the financial institution will be of great help in obtaining financing, while the dealer is not the way to go.


Key aspects to choose the best loan

Key aspects to choose the best loan

There are a number of key factors that you should look at before making the decision about the financing to use, and these are:

  • You must know the amount that can be requested and the period in which that amount must be returned. It is recommended not to dedicate more than 35% of the income received monthly in a home for the repayment of this loan. In case you can not assume any fee, ask us about the option to refinance loans.
  • The total cost of credit, including interest, must be known so that the money to be returned is really known.

With these indications, you can have all the information to decide the best financing and purchase the vehicle you need.

Car credit: 420 cars are sold every hour thanks to a loan – Car Loans

The latest consumer credit indicators are rather positive. Despite a slight decline in growth, the level of activity remains high, according to the Across Lender in its latest analysis.

For its part, the Demo Lender Bank (DLB) takes stock of the financing of household projects. And with regard to loans dedicated to the purchase of a car, every hour the banking establishments finance the acquisition of 420 cars … or 10,000 in one day.

Credits to individuals: $ 1,128 billion in assets at the end of June

Credits to individuals: $ 1,128 billion in assets at the end of June

More than 1,000 billion USD in loans have been granted (including home loans) since 2014. To date, the total outstanding amounted to even 1,128 billion USD (at the end of June 2017), according to the last note of the Lite lender.

“Since the beginning of 2017, banks have granted nearly 35 billion USD in new loans each month,” said the DLB. Proof that household projects benefit from current financing conditions. The consumer credit activity also saw an annual growth rate of + 5.1% at the end of June. A significant decline compared to May (5.7%) but activity still strong.

Of the total outstanding, consumer loans represent 164 billion USD. An amount well below home loans, for the simple reason that the maximum amount of a consumer loan is 75,000 USD .

4.9 billion USD in consumer credit in June

4.9 billion USD in consumer credit in June

Consumer credit production amounted to 4.9 billion USD in June 2017 alone. An amount slightly lower than in May (5.1 billion USD). As for consumer loan rates (which also concern car loans), we observe a drop in the average rate from 4.11% in January to 3.83% in June.

Nevertheless, comparing auto loan rates is an essential step if you have this type of consumer project in mind. Indeed, the consumption rates vary according to the type of project and the amount to be financed. To find out everything about car credit, find our pages to find out the duration of a car loan or the amount of the car loan.

How To Know If Car Refinancing Is Worth It?

Faced with the economic crisis that strikes Brazil, a lot of people have their bills tight. If your financial life has reached an uncontrollable level, then it is time for caution and planning.

If you want to find a quick and less expensive solution to your pocket, car refinancing is worth it in certain circumstances, especially for you to avoid high interest rates like credit card or overdraft.

However, care must be taken not to get lost in the finances for good. To assist you in solving your financial problems, we have prepared this post with important details on the topic.


What is car refinancing?

What is car refinancing?

Whether paid in full or not, your vehicle can be reassessed by lenders and banks. After a review, the full amount is released as a deposit loan to your account. From then on, new installments – up to 60 – will be generated, with interest rates ranging from 2.12% to 3.47% per month, varying according to the year and the percentage financed in relation to market value. of the vehicle.

Personal and car documents are required for refinancing to be released. When seeking this credit, it is necessary to make a careful planning, as late payment of installments may represent the loss of the asset.


Is car refinancing worth it?

Is car refinancing worth it?

When deciding on refinancing, the guideline is to observe the market value of the vehicle using the Fipe table. See if the price is right and represents a sizable percentage of the money you need. It is usually possible to get up to 80% of the car price.

Also be aware of the number and cost of installments. Will you be able to take on them?

If your car is well maintained and priced, it will certainly be a good deal. Another tip is to use refinancing to lower interest rates and installment values, helping to boost your finances.

If debts are at high levels, especially with credit cards and overdraft, refinancing can be useful and more advantageous as it has lower interest rates.

It is also suitable for those who need quick cash in urgent situations, such as family illnesses or repaying arrears of various accounts, in order to reorganize the family budget.


What are the basic cautions when choosing refinancing?

What are the basic cautions when choosing refinancing?

In addition to all the analysis so that you don’t get into even more debt after getting the vehicle refinance loan, it takes a lot of discipline not to get lost in the accounts again.

The first tip is to use the money released in what was actually planned, ie, not to let temptation speak louder. Make a spreadsheet with accounts payable and receivable, appropriately targeting your budget.

If your car is not fully settled, first seek a negotiation with the bank with which you funded, as there may be very attractive plans.

Make well-founded calculations on all your accounts, checking installment dates and amounts, properly planning the use of the new loan so you don’t get lost in debt any further. This is why financial education is crucial!

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3 Tips for Not Breaking the Payroll Credit Card

There is no secret not to break the payroll credit card limit. The tip is: use with awareness. But if for any reason it was necessary to use the full credit limit available, know what not to get into further debt.

3 tips for not breaking your card limit

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Pre-approved and available credit limit is always welcome. However, care should be taken when using it to avoid going into red and also having the payroll credit card available when you need it. So, enjoy to check out these tips!

1 – Create criteria for using your credit card

At first this may not seem to make sense. However, if certain rules or criteria are adopted, it will be much easier to control card spending. A good tip for financial experts is always to assess the need for credit. Then, it is also worth evaluating the available options, as advised Sebastian Martin, financial advisor:

Credit card is not always the best option. Because it is more affordable, many people do not even evaluate the alternatives and thus can pay more. In practice this means that there may be better solutions. Knowing and comparing interest rates and Total Effective Cost can help you make the best choice.

2 – Keep spending within the limit of payable margin

This recommendation is very simple and should be used in any case for good financial health. Breaking the credit card limit may just be the beginning of the symptom of financial uncontrollability. And, if not resolved, can lead to other more serious problems.

So the basic tip is: spend less than earn. And in the case of payroll-deductible credit cards, it is worth keeping spending within 5% of the payroll margin.

This will be the amount automatically deducted from the INSS salary or benefit. If the expense is higher, you will need to pay the additional invoice within the month. That is, depending on the situation, there may be two discounts, which will compromise the monthly income.

3 – Use the card as a financial reserve

The payroll-deductible credit card limit can be used to purchase installments or cash withdrawals. This facility therefore allows easy access to cash or extra credit. For this reason, the payroll credit card can also be used as a financial reserve. That is for emergency cases.

This way, you don’t have to look for other types of personal loan, go through credit analysis and every known process. Just use the card and if it is not already unlocked, request its unlock. Understand now what to do if your limit has already gone into red.

What to do if the Payroll Credit Card limit has been exceeded?

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I have exceeded my Payroll Credit Card limit, what do I do? The first point is: turn on the warning signal! The second and most important is to pay the debt. 

The answer is yes! Although the payable margin remains the same, by law, the credit limit may be reached and even exceeded in some cases. In addition to having no more balance available, the cardholder will have to pay off the outstanding balance. This amount can be paid via automatic discount (5% of payable margin) and also by payment of the additional invoice.

But is it really possible to break the payroll credit card limit?

If the full amount of the invoice is not paid, the amount will be increased by the revolving credit interest rate. Therefore, debt may increase. The tip in this situation is, if possible, to pay part of the open value. As the monthly invoice is usually issued by the bank, your payment can be made direct at ATMs or via internet banking, at the amount the holder wishes or can afford.

If paid by the due date, the amount will be the same. If you are late, the holder may also pay additional fees.

From the identified payment, and if not used again, the balance will be reduced and the credit limit released again.

Since the payroll-deductible credit card limit is directly associated with the cardholder’s monthly income, it cannot be reduced. However, despite lower interest rates when compared to traditional cards, it is worth remembering that the higher the risk of default, the higher the amount charged.

Even if the payroll card has its automatic payment (for use of the margin), if it is not properly cared for, the debt can become a snowball. So, whenever you use your card, evaluate first if it is really necessary and keep your spending on what you can really afford. Consciously using the payroll credit card is still the best decision!

Want to make a payroll credit card?

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Initial Source Company can help you contract the payroll credit card you need! Compare payroll credit card offers from different banks and choose the best one for you.

Simulate your payroll credit card

Complete financial guide for students – Student loan

It can be difficult for a student to get the finances connected. Many studies are full-time studies, and it can be difficult to find time to look for a job.

Fortunately, the Student exists as a support for the students so they can get their heads around and advice on books and rent. But Student support is not always enough, so here is a financial guide to help you as a student.

Requirements to get Student Loan

Requirements to get Student Loan

There are not many requirements to obtain Student – you must be 18 years of age, you must attend an Student -friendly education and be an active student. When you receive Student you must not receive any other public benefits and there is a ceiling on how much you may earn next to your studies.

The possibility of increased Student support

If you find it very difficult to get your finances connected, in some cases it is possible to have increased Student . You can also take out an Student loan while you are in training. You choose how much you borrow and it is the best loan to take for the student, since interest rates are one of the lowest at all. The interest rate will be higher when you finish your education, so it is a good idea to pay the money back as soon as possible.

Member of the unemployment fund?

Member of the unemployment fund?

It is a great advantage to be a member of an a-box, especially because you can enroll in the program for free. An unemployment insurance fund means that you can receive unemployment benefits for up to two years if you do not find a job after you have completed your education.

There is a difference between the a-boxes. If you only sign up for daily allowance, you can choose more or less freely – also the cheapest – but focus on what benefits and opportunities you can enjoy.

You can compare a-boxes for students here – and sign up for free!

Sign up for free

It is free to enroll in an a-box when you study. Therefore, it is a good idea to do this early in the education, as there is no expense in doing so. You start paying for your membership when you finish your education. Remember to sign up before you have less than a year left of your studies.

Are you properly insured?

Are you properly insured?

Until you turn 22, you are covered by your parents’ insurance – even if you have moved away from home. When you turn 22, it is a good idea to take out your own home insurance. That way, you are in a much better situation if you need insurance money. It is also a good idea to have travel and accident insurance.

Compare the various insurance offers to find the best insurance for you and it can be a good and clear idea to take them all from the same company.

A-box and insurance are an important financial safety net that you should draw early in your adulthood. At least if you want a healthy and well functioning private economy.

Online Car Loan Calculators

Using our online car loan calculators on our website, we can calculate the monthly repayment charges for a specified term, with just a few basic details.

For the most part, there is more than one car financing option to choose from, for example, our car loan calculators give you more options to compare forint or foreign currency based and ALLASCO and ALLASCO based designs.

When can I use the car loan calculator?

car loan calculator

Before buying a new or used car, we are thinking of either a loan or a leasing arrangement, when replacing a previous bad loan, and last but not least, if you want to get cash quickly for your own car. A common feature of all the types of loans listed here is that the car itself does not need to be covered by external collateral.

For the sake of simplicity, we often use the term car loan calculator, but of course each loan type has its own unique calculator.

What to take note of when having car leasing?

What to take note of when having car leasing?

If you are using a car leasing calculator, please note that the difference between leasing and credit is that in this case the car will remain the name of the bank/leasing company until the end of the term, and you as the lessee will be the keeper.

You pay the service fees, the obligatory and the required. ALLASCO insurance, the cost of the technical examination of the vehicle. At the end of the term the ownership of the car is transferred to you.

When calculating a car loan calculator, there are several factors that affect the taking of a car loan and / or car lease, such as the individual or legal entity. In the case of a legal entity (sole proprietorship or joint venture), only the leasing arrangement can be selected.

The required leverage (which is actually the first installment) is influenced by whether the loan is forint or foreign currency. The own funds can be chosen from 20% to 40%, while the maturity can be up to 7 years for individuals and up to 8 years for legal entities.

Online Loan Installment Calculation: Tools to Calculate Financing


How is the loan installment calculated ? Knowing the value of the installment of the loan allows you to understand if the product examined is actually sustainable with respect to its own profitability. Not only. The installment can be compared to that of other proposals, so as to identify the most convenient credit line.

Calculate the loan online: the factors to consider

Calculate the loan online: the factors to consider

What are the operations to be performed to perform the loan installment calculation? First of all, the amount to be received must be established, then the amount of the Annual Nominal Rate, also known as TAN, the size of the APR, that is the Global Effective Year Rate, the expiry date and the number of installments that make up the plan refund.

The TAN is a relevant factor because it defines the interests arranged by the lender in relation to the loan amount. The APR instead provides an indication of the overall cost of the credit line, it includes costs not recognized by the TAN.

Generally, however, there are no taxes inherent to the signing of the contract, any default interest and costs related to the recovery of the credit in the APR.

Online loan calculation tools

Online loan calculation tools

Let’s get into the merits of the calculation methods. A first option is to turn to the numerous online calculators available for free. Just a simple Google search to locate them.

Various data must be entered (duration of repayment, amount of the loan, rate, expiry of the installments) essential for the calculation. As for the rate, it is preferable to enter the APR. This allows in fact to calculate an installment that includes costs.

On the web, Excel files that allow you to perform the loan installment calculation are also easily identifiable.

Calculation example

What we report below is an example of calculating the installment. We examined an amount of 15 thousand USD, a repayment term of four years and a monthly installment frequency. The APR considered is equal to 8%.

The installment will be 366.19 USD, while the total cost of the loan will be 17.577.30 USD.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.

Our customer support team is fast and efficient to clear all your doubts regarding personal loan eligibility, procedures, offers, documentation and repayment options. We even contact with the respective lender on behalf of you.

How to get a loan, what are the requirements? Here’s How To Receive Credit

How to get a loan, what are the requirements for most loans? How do they change according to the credit line examined? Here’s how to navigate the loan market.

Personal loans, finalized and assignment of the fifth: what changes

Personal loans, finalized and assignment of the fifth: what changes

There are many purposes related to the request for funding, from home renovation, one of the most appreciated uses by the Italian public, to liquidity, for the management of many small and large expenses.

One of the first aspects to consider is which financing method to use. Targeted loans are credit lines related to the purchase of a particular asset or to the use of a service.

The personal loan is instead a non-finalized solution, the applicant is therefore not called to specify which use is made of the credit granted. A fixed rate associated with a repayment plan with constant installments is applied.

Another form of financing that is frequently requested is the assignment of the fifth. In this case we have an installment withheld directly from the paycheck or pension. The installment cannot exceed 1/5 of the net monthly credit.

Also through credit cards it is possible to obtain money to make purchases, a proposal dedicated to the consumer credit segment.

Requirements for receiving a loan

Requirements for receiving a loan

How to get a loan: the requirements. These change according to the characteristics of the financing object of the request. However, there are some common elements underlying most credit lines:

  • the applicant must be of age and not more than 70/75 years old;
  • the applicant must be able to count on a demonstrable income;
  • the beneficiary of the financing must reside in Italy;
  • current account ownership is required.

The lender will then conduct an evaluation of the customer defining the risk of insolvency. It is useful, if not fundamental, that the installment does not exceed 30% of the applicant ‘s salary or pension.

Furthermore, the applicant must not appear on the list of bad payers, which means that he must not have had any refund problems. In these cases how to get a loan? Those on the end-to-end knowledge company lists will have to think of ad hoc loans. Among these, in addition to the transfer of the fifth, we find the so-called loans for bad payers.

Guarantor and insurance

If the bank deems it appropriate, it can demand other guarantees from the applicant. Usually these are subjects who will intervene if the beneficiary of the loan encounters difficulties in repayment. Insurance coverage is also included in the reimbursement guarantees.

Loans to Public and State Employees

Loans to Public and State Employees: comparison of loans

Loans to Public and State Employees: comparison of loans

Loans for employees are a type of personal loan intended for public and state and private employees. Loans for employees are loans that are not finalized as it is not necessary to specify the purpose of the sum requested.

The most common form of government employee loans is the assignment of one fifth of the salary. The loan installments are retained directly from the applicant’s paycheck and paid by the employer, who takes responsibility for punctuality and payment.

The amount of the deduction cannot exceed one fifth of the employee’s salary, i.e. 20% of the net paycheck. If the employer or the administrator agrees, a second retention from the paycheck is also possible, which increases the debtor’s exposure up to 40% of his salary.

What are the characteristics of public, state and private employee loans?

The characteristics of employee loans are as follows:

  • maximum variable amount: depends on the age of the applicant, the duration of the loan and the salary received;
  • paycheck as the only guarantee;
  • loan not finalized;
  • insurance policy including against employment and life risk;
  • possibility of extension up to 120 months;
  • possibility of early extinction;
  • possibility of renewing the assignment of the fifth.

Who are the recipients?

Possible recipients of employee loans include:

  • permanent workers, who are asked to demonstrate that they have been working permanently for at least three months;
  • workers with training or apprenticeship contracts;
  • fixed- term workers, the repayment term of the credit could be tied to the contract period;
  • workers who, in the past, have had cases of insolvency or are reported as protesting subjects, since the retention from the paycheck also constitutes a sufficient guarantee for them.

The presence of the paycheck constitutes an important form of guarantee for banks and credit institutions, which therefore can use more flexible evaluation criteria in accepting loan proposals.

Loans for civil servants or state employees

Loans for civil servants or state employees

For public or state employees, the DPR regulates the acceptance and disbursement of employee loans. 05/01/1950, n. 180. These workers are benefited by some special benefits and conventions, which with law 311 of 2004, have been extended, with some limitations, also to private employees.

Public employees can apply for social security Ex government agency loans, which are a good alternative to loans granted by banks or financial companies. government agency loans are the loans that the Public Administration Employee Pension Fund provides for state workers at subsidized rates and which are provided by its Credit Fund, the autonomous unitary management of credit and social benefits, or by banks and companies affiliated with the Institute.

The loans granted by social security Ex government agency are divided into:

  • small INDPAP loans: they are short-term loans, granted to meet unexpected and urgent needs. They are granted quickly and without providing specific motivation or producing expenditure documentation. The amount that can be requested varies from a net monthly salary (average) up to an amount equal to four months, in the case of loans with a four-year duration;
  • multi-year government agency loans: they are disbursed in response to a personal or family need proven by the applicant, such as natural disasters, fire, house purchase or move, installations of renewable energy systems or their renovation, purchase of a car, wedding, birth of children, medical treatment etc. These loans last from 5 to 10 years and enjoy an advantageous TAN;
  • secured multi-year loans: they last five or ten years and the amount of the installment must be equal to one fifth of the net salary. In addition, early extinction is permitted.

Loans for private employees

Loans for private employees

Employees of private companies can also apply for loans from banks and financial companies by offering their salary as collateral. The documents required to open the preliminary investigations are:

  • the CUD (Single Certification of Employee Income) model which certifies your monthly income;
  • a photocopy of an identity document.

Loan solutions for private employees include:

  • assignment of the fifth: a non-finalized loan, for which no reasons are requested for the request nor proof of expenditure. However, it is mandatory to take out the insurance policy, life risk and employment risk. The maximum installment applicable to the loan is one fifth of the salary and is retained directly by the employer and paid to the bank or financial company with a reduction in the risk of insolvency;
  • traditional personal loans: special loans that are not directly related to the purchase of a good or service, offer higher interest rates than consumer credit products and banks require greater guarantees before providing them;
  • debt consolidation: a financial product that allows all the installments of other loans in progress, disbursed both by the same bank and by different institutions, to be combined in a single monthly installment;
  • loan with delegation or double fifth: allows those who already have a transfer of one fifth of the salary to increase the loan amount. The total sum of the installments must not exceed 40% of the salary.